A New Way to Display

 CollageWall Display

Because you are not a graphic designer or a photoshop magician. You are a taker of pictures, a lover of life, busy being great at a lot of other things and by gosh, you just want to see it up. on. the. wall.

Available for easy ordering on-line. Simple, beautiful, for all people, for all occasions.

Who are you?



What kind of photographer are you? If not a seasoned pro, but not a green student, you may have a hard time defining your place in the market.

If you are new to the game, have fun learning! Likewise, you just love taking pictures and want to see them “in the flesh” – we are happy to make your images come to life.

If you are new to the art and know that you want professional quality prints but unsure of your next step you have come to the right place.

While our history comes from the commercial, portrait and wedding industry, The Lab Works caters to all photographers. Our staff has approximately 165 years of combined experience. Needless to say, we know photography.

With everything there is to know about photography – digital photography – the last thing you want is to take what you thought are good files to a lab that gives you poor output.

When starting new with us, it is sometimes a good idea to start off with small prints that you can use as a “test”.  Often is the case, your screen looks great so you send it off to the printer and your print looks, well, not like you envisioned on your computer screen! That is exactly the problem we want you to avoid.  We are pleased to provide some tips on “easy” calibrations if things aren’t looking as you need them. That is our basic rule for everyone who chooses The Lab Works for their print services. All you need to do is ask!

We offer a range of products that we hope will make your life a little simpler. Simple mounting solutions like CollageWall Display is available to order on-line and provides you with all the tools required to make your own wall collage – no Photoshop experience required! Dressier solutions like plexi mounted plaque/float/flushmounts make stunning art of your images.

We also make a variety of albums, in house, on true photographic paper. Coil bound books are casual and perfect for displaying your last vacation or as a guest book at your special event. Peel and Stick and premium photo pressed albums are clean and elegant for more formal occasions.

Make it your mission to get prints made for yourself and your clients. This is what history is made of. Our job is to make sure you have the highest quality photographic archival print that will survive generations beyond the next iphone.

Stay reading for more exciting new products like mini-accordion books and die-cut cards on deluxe press-printer papers. We have only a few more details to hammer out – you wont be disappointed by the wait!

*A plug for all film users – yes, we still process film (b/w, C41 and E6). And we also print from both colour negative and black and white!

Happy Shooting!




Maintenance Friday

This Friday July 12, 2013 from approximately 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, we will be performing maintenance on our Chromira digital printer. This means we will not be printing between the hours of ~10:00 am to ~1:00 pm We expect to be up and running shortly after 1:00 pm. There is always a risk that operations will not go as planned and we will not resume production until Monday morning. In order to mediate this risk, we invite you to send your important/critical images through on Thursday night or as late as 8:30 am Friday as we will print lustre Friday morning until 10:00 am.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are open for business as usual, regular business hours.

We  appreciate your patience while we make sure our equipment is spot on for all your printing needs!

The Lab Works