We *Heart* Valentines

Here we are!  We’ve made it past the middle of January and so far, no worse for the wear I hope. Looking ahead to the not so distant future and we see Valentines. One of those cute little days that sneak up on us and surprises us like a little kiss! Pow! Right on the kisser!

Valentines is not just for lovers. It’s for a little bit of sweetness in a cold, dark month. It takes the edge off the bitter February winds.  Valentines is a promissory note that says “Don’t give up hope! Spring is coming!” Send a valentine to your neighbor, your mom or dad, your children, your cat (or your sweetheart!)

So in the spirit of sweet things we bring to you some new mini-accordion designs to brighten your day and share some smiles with those around you. (See products AMB_165, AMB_166, AMB_167). Even sweeter is the 30% discount we will apply to your mini-accordion when you order on line. We have not forgotten about our beloved mini and pocket albums, which are 50% off  when you order on line!  Our sale will extend until Friday February 14th.


If you want to give your adorable little photo album to someone you love on the 14th, please consider production time of approximately one week.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


2014 seems like such a big number somehow. Clearly, bigger than 2013…there is just something that sounds so Grand about 2014. It’s like we are on the edge of modern adolescence. 21st century puberty! We know we are on a path; a zealous mission to find life….. and even though it may seem daunting we know it’s going to be great. The future is bright and we welcome it with open arms and endless possibility!

We have come a long way, photographically speaking and it can only be surmised how much further we have to go. What will come next? Over our break, I acquired a modern piece of technology – that being the iphone! The camera is amazing. Period. And Face Time? Wasn’t that a thing of the distant future barely 30 years ago  -  when we envisioned ourselves driving space cars and talking on phones where we could see the person on the other side? Now on our mobile devices! Maybe I’m dating myself here, at the very least admitting I am not a techno junkie.

Again, I digress.

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Do you promise to (blank) less or (blank) more? If you do, do you stick to them? Or do you just tell yourself your personal evolution is so constantly changing that a January 1 declaration is essentially meaningless? Maybe your resolutions are non-stop all year round and the path to being a better (or worse) person is always on the menu. Good on you either way.

My rational mind tells me it doesn’t matter anyways since we are  always in a constant state of change. That in itself, is meritorious. :)

However your ideas, wishes, dreams and realities unfold for the coming year, we wish you all the best. May our cultural pubescence be full of experience and wonder, excitement and adventure (whether at home or abroad).

May your eyes be wide open, your finger on the shutter at all times!

Go well photographers, go well!