This Weekend!

This weekend is the annual Professional Photographers Association of Canada (PPOC) Imaging Convention and Trade show and Winnipeg is a very lucky lady to be hosting this world class event!

You can visit the website for complete details on speakers and events at  The best part is, you can attend events even if you are not a member of the PPOC. Early Risers can attend speaking events for only $50.00. You can let loose for the Social Night at the Winnipeg Art Gallery for $45.00 or attend the Gala Dinner and Awards banquet for $85.00.

We encourage attending this event and especially on spending $10.00 to check out the trade show. Yours Truly (The Lab Works) will be there and would love to see you! Come see what we are all about and leave with a fun little goodie bag. Just look for the display with the Canadian Maple leaf!

The event is being held at The Delta Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. If you’ve never been to Winnipeg, The Delta is a great location, close to pretty much everything including the Historical Forks where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet.

This Imaging Conference and Trade Show doesn’t come through Winnipeg all too often so if you are a local and interested in learning something new and connecting with your peers this is a sure bet.

See you there!



…that time of year when finally, we start to feel the brush of warmer air against our dry, winter skin. Spring is when we sense the return of the warm sun and happily observe longer hours of daylight. We start to plant our seedlings and have hope that the earth will provide for us yet another year. In this case for most Canadians, we wonder – is old man winter finally going on vacation for a while? Will the ground thaw, will the grass grow? Of course it will! We can’t avoid the turning of the seasons, thank goodness!

And so it goes, this is also a symbolic time for many who take traditional meals and events around Good Friday and the days and weeks preceding.

However you choose to spend your weekend, we hope it is filled with the hope and joy that only spring can bring.

Happy Easter!