FLASH Photographic Festival

Things are moving and shaking and Leif Norman is full steam ahead with the Flash Photographic Festival that will be happening October 2014.

This is the deal:

Info for Photographers

Get your photography on some walls and some eyeballs on your images.

The FLASH Photographic Festival encourages restaurants, cafes, bars, furniture stores, hotels etc… to hang some Winnipeg Photography and invite the public in to see.

Photographers of all kinds can approach venues to display their art.

The entire month of October will be photo month in Winnipeg with events, seminars parties and numerous photo venues across Winnipeg. A program will be printed and available for purchase at each Venue for $5. Posters will be put up around town and Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will be engaged to promote each venue.

There is a $150 submission fee to get involved with the festival. No artist will be refused as long as the venue is secured and the paperwork is signed by August 1 2014. The venue may wish to sponsor the photographer and pay the $150 submission fee for them; or go half and half.

Group shows are also welcomed!

To be a photographer in the festival please email

Leif Norman at


We know that putting a show together costs money, so The Lab Works wants to give you a deal. If you are a Festival Artist we will give you the following discounts!

All printing: 25% off Retail

Mounting to Foamcor, Sintra, Gator: 25% off retail

Metal Printing: 20% off retail

Floatmount products: 15% off

Acrylic Mounting: 10% off

Press Printed Cards (silk paper only): 10% off retail


The Fine Print:

You will need to prove your festival involvement before you start printing for your show. We ask that you bring in the signed copy of paper work for the venue you are showing at.

The discount will be valid from August 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014.

These are the only services and products we are offering discounts on. There will be no exceptions made.

If you are ordering with ROES online ordering, you MUST indicate in Special Instructions “Festival Print” in order to get your discount.

All of our production times vary from product to product so if you aren’t sure how long your project will take, please call us.

The Lab Works is not liable for late submissions. Please be sure to give yourself ample time for production and unforeseen delays.



Didn’t we just say it?

There is so much going on in the Winnipeg Arts Scene it’s hard to keep up!

You can never say that Winnipeg isn’t interesting, its citizens are not engaged and cool stuff isn’t happening all the time! Well that’s how I feel and now more than ever with the first annual Flash Photo Festival coming up in October.

What’s FLASH?

“Based on the successful concept of the Contact festival in Toronto, Flash festival aims to celebrate the medium of photography in every aspect across the city of Winnipeg.

The hope is that the festival will expose the public to a variety of photographic work and showcase the diverse range of artists working within photography here in Winnipeg.

With Winnipeg’s long and established reputation as a leader in visual arts within Western Canada, the city is poised to become a leader in photography with the arrival of the Flash Festival”.

If you want to participate in this soon-to-be-annual classic contact the Flash Photo Festival Captain Leif Norman. His email address can be found off the website (link above in red or logo below).

Lights. Camera. Action.

Urban Art Gallery


there is so much happening in the Winnipeg Arts scene it’s hard to keep up! This came across the proverbial desk here at The Lab Works and we think it’s worth your attention.

Please take note of the fairly tight deadline (July 9th), but we hope you will submit some work to help us LOVE downtown more!  If you are an emerging artist this is a wonderful way to get exposure. Likewise, if you have an established practice what a fun way to get creative and explore a theme perhaps outside your box!

For more information, please visit: downtownwinnipegbiz.com/urban-art-gallery/



It was about a week ago or so, when suddenly out of nowhere Summer Arrived.

What is better than summer in Winnipeg? It’s that laid back, I’m stayin’ in my garden til 10:30 at night and the birds are still singin’…Elm trees line practically every street in town and even though the sap gets in my hair when I walk through them, see if I care.

Summer in Winnipeg means the air is thick with the humidity that reminds us of how close we are to massive bodies of water that you can swim in on the days (and nights) that are so hot. How Friday afternoon’s in the city are so quiet because everyone who is lucky enough, runs away to the cabin or at least, camping in a trailer or even just plain old camping. It doesn’t matter how, we just want to be outside.

We don’t have to bundle up for 20 minutes in the morning or warm up our cars. Why, we can jump on our bicycles (yes, you should do that more) and ride to work! Or walk, or skateboard!

It doesn’t matter what’s happening because life is just easier. Food comes out of the garden and on to the dinner table and if it doesn’t then maybe it’s served to you on a sunlit patio on Corydon Ave. with a crisp glass of something yummy!

The sun has this way of healing all of our winter scars and heck, maybe even makes us laugh in awe of how we endure. And how!

We feel it here in The Lab Works. We know you think Winter is for suckers and when this warm, sweet, summery air finally wraps around our cold and clammy hands, you just give it a squeeze and say “I love you”.

Tonight, go for an extra long walk after dinner. Listen to all the birds singing. Sip iced tea in your 3-season sunroom and don’t get up until the stars are in the sky. Soon, the official summer begins (June 21) and paradoxically, the sunlight starts it’s journey back to night, until December 23rd (about). The time to take it all in is NOW.

Live in this glorious moment of summer because we know what comes next. It’s OK. I’m not going to talk about that here. I’m livin in the moment. See you out there!