Capturing that special moment….

If you could relive one of the happiest moments in your life what would it be? Graduation, Marriage, First Car, First Born, First Steps. Your first dinner in your first new home? Maybe it would be the day your parents brought home a little puppy. Don’t you wish you had a picture of that moment right now? I bet you are going to look for one after reading this.

As a kid we may not realize how important it is to capture those moments.

Then you start to evolve into your youth and you realize that images with your friends and your adventures are great to remember. There was that time when we __________, that was so much fun.

When we get to our early adulthood the world seem to get bigger with options. Some will have children and others will have a pet or maybe even both. This time of life seems to be busy and sometimes we just need to stop and capture the little moments in life.

Then we hit our most experienced part of life and we will realize that some of the same themes start over from a different point of view. You may want to show off your grand kids or the beautiful flower gardens you have experienced.

Life has a lot of first moments… each one is special and deserves a special place in your life. We are a company that is proud to specialize in bringing back the moments one by one. A picture of your first puppy is different than your first car and we know how to print those memories so that they can be a part of your life every day. These moments of our ever changing life are great to get printed.

Since different images may look better on a select surface than another, The Lab Works has a variety of different options for printing. We can print on a variety of different photographic papers, press printed cards, Metal Prints and Canvas.

Next time you or someone you know has that special moment, stop and take a few pictures and someday they will thank you.


Flash Photographic Festival 2015

Calling all photographers….
The 2nd Annual Flash Photographic Festival will take place October 1-31, 2015.

What is Flash Photographic Festival?

“Based on the need for a focus on Winnipeg photographers FLASH brings photography from a diverse range of Winnipeg artists to a variety of venues — cafés, shops, public spaces and galleries.

The hope is that the festival will expose the public to a variety of photographic work and showcase the diverse range of artists working within photography in Winnipeg.

With Winnipeg’s long and established reputation as a leader in visual arts within Western Canada, the city is poised to become a leader in photography with the arrival of the Flash Festival.” – Definition from

If you want to participate in the 2nd annual Flash Photographic Festival contact Leif Norman. All contact and festival information can be found at

Explore. Create. Inspire…


Remembering the Good Times

It’s that time of year, when extra cleaning happens around the house…

Did you find that stack of old negatives or prints you had forgotten about? The term “remember when” starts to be used as you start recalling that childhood trip or get togethers with cousins. Wouldn’t it be nice to share those pictures and moment with your friends and family. These memories become much more vibrant with the actual image.

These snap shots of the good times are great to preserve. Some will scan there images which allows them to take them wherever they go. There are others that want that physical print or a photo book from those most memorable moments. Either way you are preserving that moment in time and sharing the good times with friends and family, so they never get forgotten.