Benefits of ShootProof for online proofing

Are you looking for a online proofing solution?

Then you should consider ShootProof as they offer a great product that has many benefits. These benefit’s affect both you and your clients in Uploading, Sharing, Selling, Printing and Delivery. This gives photographers all the advantages without the need of technical or administration staff to keep track of payments and web development. This is literally the power of the software doing the work it was suppose to do to make our lives more efficient.

shootproof-homepageTheir vision is for photographers to have a platform of beautiful online galleries so you can share and sell photos with no commission fees. They are built up with a team of photographers, developers, engineers, perfectionist with great customer service. This vision helps empower photographers to increase sales while simplifying the proofing, buying and fulfillment process of the client. Here are some of highlights for you and your clients.

ShootProof has 3 different options for easy uploading of your images. Since everbody’s workflow is a little different you can choose what works best for you.  Your images can be uploaded using any web browser or by using their Desktop Uploader. Shootproof also offers a free Lightroom Plugin that can Publish and manager your images directly from within Lightroom.

The client image galleries can be viewed, favorited and purchased from a standard web browser or from a mobile device. There is control of the client galleries with colour themes, public or private galleries, password protection, expiration control and pricing. If you are wanting to protect the images you can set custom text to be used as an optional watermark. For those that link to share there is optional social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The photographer has full control over the products offered for each gallery and with ShootProof invoicing you can easily manage session fees and client payments. ShootProof is a commission free service as you pay for the plan you select. These plans are based on the amount of images you are wanting to host. They also offer an archiving service for backing up your images. Your client will experience a simple, intuitive purchasing experience. ShootProof has secure credit card processing of major cards through ShootProof Payments, or Paypal.

Printing and Delivery
When ShootProof was looking for a Canadian full filler they chose The Lab Works as their Canadian full filler. Once your client has made the purchase, you as the photographer can approve the crop and replace the image prior to the order being submitted to the lab. These client orders can be shipped directly to the client on an order by order basis. There is no lab branding or cost information sent with the order.

Since this has only highlighted some of there great features and options for ShootProof, consider checking out there website ( for a full list of their options and services.

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