2015 Holiday Dates and Deadlines

With the white stuff on the ground and the temperatures getting colder, we all know winter is here. With that we also realize that Christmas will be here before we know it.

However, before we slip into the New Year, we have many of prints to make and deadlines to meet. Please read carefully for the following service deadlines for 2015 (If you want the product back before we close on December 24 at noon).

November 26 – Last day to order Canvas Mounted Prints

December 2 – Last day to order Peel & Stick Albums

December 3 – Last day to order Float, Flush and Plaque mounted prints

December 9 – Last day to order Collagewall™ and Metal prints

December 14 – Last day to order Mounting & Laminating of Prints

December 15 – Last day to order Press Greeting Cards and Press Calendars

December 16 – Last day for E6 and B&W film processing

December 17 – Last day for Film scanning, C-41 film processing and printing

December 20 – Last day to order Glossy Prints

December 21 – Last day to order Matte Prints

December 22 – Last day to order Lustre and Metallic prints

December 24 from 8:30 – 12:00pm – pick up only. The Lab Works will closed at noon.

As always, The Lab Works will be closed over the holiday season for rest and rejuvenation from December 24 at noon to January 4, 2016.

We appreciate your business and hope we can accommodate your needs. Please call us if you have higher than normal volumes or any other requests outside of these dates!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Greeting Card Sale

With the time change and the warmer jackets getting pulled out of hibernation. It got me thinking, how close are we to the holiday season. So I checked the calendar and Christmas is only 48 days away. Yikes, have you started getting ready?

Some tasks can save you time and money by getting them done early. If you hate waiting in long lineups, Christmas Cards is something that you can order right now before the Christmas rush. If you order now you can also save money and that is a great way to start your holidays. It will also help you get into that holiday feeling.

You don’t have to wait until the first snowfall to have a great family picture for your Christmas Greeting Cards. Here are some ideas for great family pictures. Having the family sit on the ground with the Colors of Fall all around the family or leaning around the sides of a tree. If you missed the leaves changing you can head to a local park or include your home in the background of your family picture. I have even heard of one individual who wants to wait so they can get their picture taken in the first snow fall ( It’s a family tradition).

So to help you get prepared for this Christmas Season, we are having a card sale. Yippie!!

You will get 20% off your Photographic and Press Printed Cards from November 9-22. To redeem this offer, enter promo code CARD20 in the cart area when placing order with The Lab Works ROES online ordering program.