Benefit’s of printing


We love to document our lives and post them online. The digital world has made it easy to share pictures to family and friends via Social media, email, texting. But what happen to those pictures after they’re seen behind the screen? They’re often forgotten and sometimes even lost. With this in mind we have put together a few reasons why printing is important:

1.    Not everyone is on social media – Yes, the digital world made it easier to share your memories but not everyone is online. As much as we love social media, there are people who rather enjoy face to face conversations instead of online. Even those you know on Facebook aren’t always online to see those new posts. Also, special people in your life like grandma and grandpa would be delighted to receive pictures in the mail!

2.    Hard drives fail  – Technology has helped us in so many ways. One of them is how it has allowed us to store data in one small pocket hard drive. But where there is pro, there is con. Let’s face it, hard drives fail, computer virus’s happen, even backups fail. Once you lose what you store in your hard drive or your computer, they’re gone. Forever. The advantage with printing is even when hard drives fail, your picture remain alive.

3.    They are a conversation starter – Family gatherings? Catching up with friends? When your prints are on the table, one of your guests will take that album on the coffee table and someone will comment about the picture on the wall.

4.    They bring back memories – This follows up to #3. Once the conversation starts, those pictures will bring back memories. They take you back in time to when those events happened. “Remember how great that cake was on your birthday?!” You’ll remember the food, the atmosphere, the happy times! They’ll take you back to when you graduated school, how amazing it felt getting that diploma or even the sand on the beach and hearing those waves.

5.    Prevents your pictures from being stuck behind your screen – How many albums do you have sitting on your online gallery? And how many of them do you remember are there? Or has your online service been discontinued without notice. The more you add new memories, the older the others get and you’ll forget about them. When you have your pictures printed in an album, it’s always easy to go back and look at them again.

Keep those memories alive! Happy printing!