It’s January.

It’s cold outside, the daylight is still limited to a mere 8h 40 min. from sunrise to sunset.

To take your mind off the fact that its dark and cold, I highly recommend visiting the Platform Centre for Photographic and Digital Arts this Friday night for the opening reception/booklaunch of  be.still, an exhibition by The Pinhole Artist Collective (PAC).

“PAC is a collective of artists interested in exploring the artistic plurality of analogue and digital photography. Growing out of the spirit of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and the DIY artistic philosophy, they are hands-on, resourceful, playful, and open to constructive criticism. In regular gatherings, the collective engages in both critical discourse and artistic creation and is, from time to time, nomadic. PAC members participating in be.still are Sarah Crawley, William Eakin, lori fontaine, Beth Johnson, Jen Loewen, Merrell-Ann Phare, and Bonnie Tulloch“.

The reception is to begin at 7:00.

See for more information. Or,


Check out this link for some good old fashioned pinhole fun!