Make History.

While we like to think that everything we touch here in the lab is to become important historic record, from time to time we really get to see some special pieces from our past.

In this case our client brought in 46, 4×5″ glass negatives for scanning. Glass negs were produced and used between 1850 and 1920 until they were replaced by roll film. Pinpointing exact age is something beyond my skill, but the owner of the negatives is quite certain that within the grouping is an image of King Edward the VIII – indicating some of these were taken sometime between 1901 and 1910. A local film archivists informs they were likely later-made “prefab” glass negatives, which implies a later year of manufacture and a higher film speed. The quality of these images is simply beautiful.

At the time these were taken, it wasn’t likely thought of as “history in the making” but are now valuable pieces of history. What can you do with your digital files or negatives that will be history in the making? Make some prints, design an album, what ever it is, once you have it to hold it will exist for another 100 years. Historic.