Scanning services

We can scan pretty much anything you throw at us... from negatives or slides to old photographs and artwork. From the simple scanning job for viewing on your computer to colour managed reproduction files of your originals or artwork we have the experience to deliver what you need. No job is too large or too small and we can walk you through the steps to complete your project.

Bulk Print Scanning

The most inexpensive method of scanning prints.

These scans are suitable for viewing images on a computer and making smaller print sizes. Scans from photographic prints ranging in size from wallets to 8x10, in colour or B&W results in JPEG files at 300 dpi resolution, with low compression.

All images are returned on a CD. Prints cannot be smaller than 2.5x3.5 inches, and cannot be mounted or on paper thicker than normal photographic paper. Images should also be free of dust, tears, tape, staples, and any other defect that can interfere with the scan.

Note: Prints are grouped by size prior to scanning making it very difficult to keep them in a specific order. For that reason we do not offer to keep prints in order with this service.

4 business days

High Resolution 11000 dpi Drum Scans

Bulk print scan pricing

Number of scans
1 sided
2 sided
50-199 (minimum order of 50 or $19.50)
Shoebox Scan*

*Bring in a standard shoebox filled with pictures and we'll scan every print in the box for one low price.

Please NOTE! Prints must be in good condition for the Shoebox Scan rate. Clean prints, no folds or creases allowed.

NEW - The cost of CD is included in the scanning price or you can have images returned on 8 GB USB 2.0 for an additional $8.00

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