Shooting in Winter

Pine needles cropped

Winter is a beautiful time of the year to photograph. Snow, hoarfrost, icicles, frozen waterfalls, you name it! The list doesn’t end. Everything looks nice under the blanket of snow. The only problem is the motivation to go out there and brave the cold. Here are a few tips to help:

1.    Prepare your gear. Make sure to have extra batteries with you to switch from time to time. Batteries tend to die faster in the cold. Have one in your camera and another (or two) warming up in your pocket.
2.    Dress warm but don’t overdress. You want to be able to comfortably shoot and move around, especially when snow is up to your knees.

1.    Inhale when taking a picture, exhale (away from your camera) after the shot. Otherwise you will fog your viewfinder and screen which will make it difficult to see your next shot.
2.    Use your histogram. When shooting snow, you want to overexpose your shot a little bit to make your snow appear white.

1.    Keep your gear inside your bag as you transition from outdoors to indoors. This will avoid condensation forming inside your lens and camera that could lead to shorting out electric components in your gear.

Do some research before heading out so you have an idea of what you’re getting. It also helps to see photos taken from that location to get inspiration from. There’s so much out there to shoot, but you won’t get them with your camera sitting at home. Go out and happy shooting!

Summer – Festival Season


Summer time or Festival season which ever works for you. It is a great time of year with a continual line up of festivals, events and small town fairs. Some events have already passed so I hope you were lucky enough to attend them. If not, don’t worry there are many more to come! Fringe, Folklorama, Manitoba Stampede to name a few.

If you are not into the Festival thing, then there are many other ways of soaking in some vitamin D. This could be going for a bike ride, walk, skateboarding or just going to your favorite patio for a icy cold beverage.

Getting out and about has always helped me get inspired and rejuvenate the creative juices. Which is great for the photographer in all of us.

We hope you feel the inspiration as well and get out and shoot – you never know who will cross your path or when the inspiration will hit.

Our imagination is at work!!

Let’s get out and enjoy summer…

With the great summer weather that we’ve been having, I hope everyone gets some holiday time. Whether it is a staycation, camping, canoe trip or a long distant vacation lets enjoy this time.

Do you like planning your holiday or are you a fly by the seat of the pants vacationer?

I personally have done both and they both have had there place. I have found that a little preparation can be helpful for both the planned and the picked up and go vacation. Some of these little things include having charged batteries, clean memory card, film and a tripod handy to grab and run. This cuts down on wasting valuable time or forgetting equipment.

You may want to give some thought on what equipment you will need for different types of excursions. It’s a good idea to ask yourself a couple quick questions before leaving.

How much gear do I want to take?

Say you are doing a long hike, you may not want to carry as much. So take a smaller camera or only bring one lens. Do you need a big tripod or will a mini tripod or bean bag do the job which would cut down on what you need to carry.

For the film shooter, planning a trip in a hot car?

Bringing a cooler bag for your film and since you have a cooler don’t forget to bring something to drink.

Let’s capture some great memories whether it’s at the ice cream shop or on your road trip.


Flash Photographic Festival 2015

Calling all photographers….
The 2nd Annual Flash Photographic Festival will take place October 1-31, 2015.

What is Flash Photographic Festival?

“Based on the need for a focus on Winnipeg photographers FLASH brings photography from a diverse range of Winnipeg artists to a variety of venues — cafés, shops, public spaces and galleries.

The hope is that the festival will expose the public to a variety of photographic work and showcase the diverse range of artists working within photography in Winnipeg.

With Winnipeg’s long and established reputation as a leader in visual arts within Western Canada, the city is poised to become a leader in photography with the arrival of the Flash Festival.” – Definition from

If you want to participate in the 2nd annual Flash Photographic Festival contact Leif Norman. All contact and festival information can be found at

Explore. Create. Inspire…


Spring is the colour of GREEN!!!!

It’s early Spring and just the thought of being outside without the big winter jacket and not freezing our hands off is EXCITING!!! Whether you are an outdoor photographer or not, now is the time to start planning your picture outings and scouting locations. It is always good to be prepared for the beautiful sunrise, sunset, crocus’s and other plant life budding. So lets all get outside and enjoy a fun filled spring capturing precious moments in time.


Cookies + Happy Holidays

Happiest Holidays!

14 Years has gone in a flash. Times have changed and while it’s not with some sadness that we leave our humble home, we are looking forward to a fresh start in our new digs!

We hope you will join us on December 17th and 18th as we celebrate our final Christmas at 464 Hargrave. As we uphold our annual tradition, we will be serving coffee and home baked treats for you to enjoy.

Come in, hang out, reminisce about the good old days or help us get excited about the move! Happy Holidays!


Be Merry



We Love Fall

We know it doesn’t last foreverfallphoto1

but sometimes it’s fun to pretend that summer will never end and we will be on a perpetual holiday of sorts ::

Time relentlessly passes and we are back into the fray. On the bright side, fall begins fun things like wrapping up summer weddings, planning for fall photo shoots, lots of gallery events, and this year the big one – The Flash Photo Fest that is happening the entire month of October!

Join the city in this soon-to-be-iconic event. Exhibits are taking place all around Winnipeg but there is an App so you can easily map out your destinations on your mobile. There are photography related events all month long including a studio tour with notorious Winnipeg artist Diana Thornycroft, lighting seminars and various other demonstrations with our city’s finest.

Save the date for the opening night reception at the WAG on October 1.2014.

In short, sometimes the end of summer brings good things!

You just can’t say nothing ever happens in Winnipeg! Have fun exploring the city and the art and artists within it.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you everywhere you go. Shoot a lot - what ever inspires you – and PLAN to take part in next years Flash Photo Fest event!

**The Lab Works is the official print sponsor of the festival, so if you are a participating artist, please see our link on how to save money on printing your show!



Urban Art Gallery


there is so much happening in the Winnipeg Arts scene it’s hard to keep up! This came across the proverbial desk here at The Lab Works and we think it’s worth your attention.

Please take note of the fairly tight deadline (July 9th), but we hope you will submit some work to help us LOVE downtown more!  If you are an emerging artist this is a wonderful way to get exposure. Likewise, if you have an established practice what a fun way to get creative and explore a theme perhaps outside your box!

For more information, please visit:


Festival Season has arrived!

Ah, Summertime!

Life is good and the livin’ is easy. Or something like that. No longer are we burdened  with parka’s and layers and all the wintery gear we donned for so long this year! No better a summer to celebrate the hot and humid deliciousness, sipping icy cold beverages on your favourite patio and seriously soaking in the vitamin D!

Some of the best things about Winnipeg summer is the continual line up of festivals and events! Jazz, Fringe, Folk, and Folklorama to name a few.

First up is the Winnipeg Jazz Festival running from June 12 to 22nd. As usual, you don’t want to miss the stunning line up of musicians to be seen and heard!

In honour of the the 25th annual Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Jazz Winnipeg has reproduced some of the best images ever captured over the last two-and-a-half decades by our talented volunteer photo crew. Photographs of legends such as Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck and Sonny Rollins, as well as modern artists before they were superstars, such as Diana Krall and Diplo.

The 60 images will be on display in a pop-up gallery at Old Market Square during the Free Opening Weekend (June 12-15) or in the lobby of the Manitoba Theatre Centre during the Theatre Series (June 13-20).

Don’t you love how photography always marries cultural events? We thank all of the photographers, who over the years have made a wonderful time capsule of the faces and places of our great city~

We also hope you feel inspired to get out and shoot – you never know who will cross your path to be immortalized by your lens!


Education Nights are Fun

Last night

…we had the opportunity to host a meet and greet night with The Manitoba Foto Friends.

What a great group of members who toughed the icy winds to come  out to learn a few things about how to submit files to The Lab Works for printing and to learn more about our products and services!

The Foto Friends haven’t been around very long (about 2 years) but already boast over 240 members!  They are a group devoted to photography and their energy and excitement is awesome!

We were pleased to have had the opportunity to meet some of these super friendly foto friends and think you should check out the group if you are seeking like-minded community. The group has no membership fees but maintains a comprehensive program that help members get access to knowledge and opportunities to shoot! (After our evening with them, some were heading off in to the night to shoot the northern lights). Inspiring to say the least!

Thanks Foto Friends for a fun night!






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