Fine Art Printing

Talbot and Dauguerre would be amazed.

Archer and Le Gray would have loved it.

We’re talking about Fine Art Printing of photographs – digital files.

First we need to go back a couple of years to understand where printing has come from – let’s go back to 1873. That’s about 50 years after Talbot and Daguerre invented photography and 25 years after Archer and Le Gray defined the collodion process.  Imagine what people had to do to make a print, it’s 30 degrees Celsius and your (light-tight) covered wagon is deep in the desert. You’ve mixed your collodion plate, loaded it into your camera, you’ve selected, composed and exposed your plate and you now need to process it before the collodion sets. Did I mention that you had under 10 minutes to accomplish this or nothing would turn out. Hit and miss, it took and enormous effort just to get one copy (print) and that is all you ever had – if that. If you wanted another one you would repeat the entire process because back in the day, the photographer was also the lab and in the beginning the lab had to travel with the photographer.

It’s now 2017 and we’ve moved way beyond collodion. We still have chemical prints – made on Kodak Endura paper which are excellent . Chemical prints are a long lasting, colourful, cost effective way of displaying and preserving your images. Not to mention that the process is repeatable, consistent and as far as the photographer is concerned – painless.

The Lab Works has been delivering the highest quality prints and we’ve been doing it since 88 (that’s nineteen eighty eight). We were the leaders in the analog world and have continued that tradition delivering the finest digital chemical prints possible. We now bring that commitment to excellence to Fine Art Printing.

So, why Fine Art?
Fine art prints are made using a different process – an inkjet printer with special inks and special papers. But it’s much more than that as Fine Art Printing gives a name to the process of delivering the highest fidelity prints from your digital files.  There are four key benefits of Fine Art Printing:

-    Archival – pigmented inks are more resistant to fading.
-    Higher resolution – printer prints at twice the effective resolution of Photographic paper prints.
-    More colour – 12 Pigmented inks produce a wider gamut.
-    Ability to print on special paper like the Hahnemühle Rag papers.

Visit The Lab Works or any Don’s Photo location to say hi or to check out the new papers. Order your prints through ROES. We accept 8 bit, RGB, tiff or jpeg files and you can leave the covered wagon at home.


Black and White film processing

I shot a roll of Black and White film last week. What a strange feeling – kept looking at the back of the camera. Nikon f2, Tri-X , with 50mm 1.4, 24mm 2.8 and 35mm 2.8 and no LCD! Battery was dead so I shot by feel, nice to have the latitude of film as I’m sure that I did not nail every exposure. Focus might be my worst enemy especially close up with the 50/1.4 wide open.

I’m getting my film processed and scanned today and am finding that this delayed gratification thing is kind of neat. While digital has brought the process of photography home and provided instant feedback this whole analog process is bringing back some cool feelings. Like patience!


So why am I going on about black and white film processing? Because I’m getting a contact sheet with my processing.  It was once an integral part of black and white photography – process your film, sleeve it and contact it. The term contact came from the fact that the negatives would be placed directly on top of photographic paper and exposed to light – in direct contact.  Your contact sheet told a story of your roll – a collection of images shown in the order they were shot that helped show the story you were trying to tell.  It also told you some technical things about your exposures, you could see if you nailed the focus (or not) and you would also use it as a reference to find your negatives. And you could hold it.

We’ve faithfully re-created the contact sheet digitally and you’d swear it’s the real thing. Starting today and going through May, if you get a roll of Black and White film processed and scanned we’ll also make a contact sheet – for free!


Stacked Metal!!!

The Lab Works is now offering Stacked Metal prints which is an exciting twist to our standard Vibrant Gloss Metal Prints. What a great way to feature your favorite images in a little different way.

What is Stacked Metal? Stacked Metal is a single metal print floating 1/2 inch on top of a larger metal print. These 2 metal prints are then mounted on a wood block which makes it float on the wall.

You have the option of choosing between using your own image or one of the designs we offer for your background image. You can order the Stacked Metal prints using our online software Roes.

Stacked Metal Prints Price
5×7 on 8×10 $61.19
8×10 on 11×14 $91.79
11×14 on 16×20 $152.99

Stacked_Metal_web2Image by Cheryl Struss Photography

Just a little something new…

Every now and then something wonderful comes our way….


This time around, we are building on our much loved Acrylic pieces!

We are still feverishly working at getting all the prices and images up on our website, but you can start ordering now! Call us or come in for prices on the products.

Featured below are two of three new stunners. An amazing 1″ Acrylic block that is meant to sit up on its very own. For this reason, its largest  size is 8×12″. These new pieces have polished edges for a super sleek, modern look.


The second little lovely is an Acrylic mini-block. The Acrylic is 1/4″ thick with polished edges and comes with a stand for sitting up nice on a desk! What a wonderful way to show off your family or vacation on your office desk! Again, the maximum size is 8×12″.

acrylic with stand

We are also offering a 1/8″ acrylic mounted to a thin backer so it can be easily framed without glass. An amazing compromise between classic and modern! (product not shown).

Since you are all keeping us nice and busy with weddings and projects, please keep checking our website for information. See below for sizes and prices we are currently offering.

And please call us with questions or heck, come in to the shop to see these live! We are here at 464 Hargrave St. Monday to Friday from 8-5.


See you soon!

Size           Acrylic Block 1″    Acrylic-Mini Block 1/4″


5×7              $50.95                          $39.15

8×8              $67.99                          $51.75

8×10            $80.74                          $61.20

8×12             $93.49                         $70.65





If you are having a hard time being inspired this month look no further. If you need to get it on the wall, all you need is CollageWall Displays!

We love it’s simplicity of form and function. When you order a CollageWall, it comes with all the necessary items you need (except a drill), to hang your prints.

You will find all the configurations available on line when you download our free online ordering software called ROES that you will find on our website homepage.

Super fun, super easy!

Press Printed Cards at The Lab Works

We have been busy bees! We have carefully selected and custom created some very special designs for your occasional cards. Choose from three die cut templates on a beautiful selection of premium press-papers. Looking for something bigger? We also offer a 5×5 trifold card (not shown) with glorious designs to make you smile!

Customize your cards with your own special message and truly make an impression.

All cards come with standard white envelopes or upgrade to a stylish Petallic envelope for a small additional fee.

Please go on-line to ROES for a look at all the template designs and prices.

Have fun!



Mini Accordions at The Lab Works

Hey look what The Lab Works is up to these days! These inspiring little gems are 3×3″ and press printed on a beautiful pearlized metallic paper. We offer a lovely selection of pre-designed templates for many different occasions from babies, grads, weddings and “just because”.

These  sweet little books stay shut with a hidden magnet and have up to 10 image panels.  A durable lexan sleeve is available for an extra $1.00/book (books sold in sets of 3).

Make an easy on-line order with ROES.

Now get your accordi-on!




A New Way to Display

 CollageWall Display

Because you are not a graphic designer or a photoshop magician. You are a taker of pictures, a lover of life, busy being great at a lot of other things and by gosh, you just want to see it up. on. the. wall.

Available for easy ordering on-line. Simple, beautiful, for all people, for all occasions.

Celebrating Canada’s Birthday!

Happy Canada Day!

First a little bit of Housekeeping…

We are closed on Monday, July 1 for the Celebration of Canada’s Birthday. We wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend!

The Lab Works will re-open for business-as-usual on Tuesday, July 2nd at 8am.

Now for the exciting stuff…

To help celebrate Canada Day we are excited to introduce and welcome our new partnership with ShootProof! With ShootProof, we are able to provide all Canadian Photographers an on-line client photo proofing and sales solution with integrated print fulfillment.

ShootProof makes it simple to share your photo’s with clients and let them order online. The online ordering is complete with a customized studio control panel, easy photo uploading, a beautiful viewing experience, and shopping cart.

Your clients can order our premium quality photographic prints, canvas mounted prints and metal prints. Orders are submitted directly to The Lab Works on the ShootProof order page.

 Why Print With The Lab Works Through ShootProof?

  • Order submission is as easy as two clicks and ROES is not required
  • Review/approve crops straight from your ShootProof order page
  • Replace images in the order if needed for touch-ups, etc…
  • Flat rates for shipping
  • You choose the delivery address per order, to your client or to your studio
  • Orders are “white labelled”. Your clients will never see lab info or costs.
  • Option to combine client orders prior to lab submission to save on shipping
  • Shipment tracking information will appear directly on the order page
  • Pro lab quality prints, canvas mounted prints and metal prints
  • No commission charges. You just pay the lab costs as shown in your price sheet
  • Auto-approval option allows you to set a timeframe for automatic order submission

Visit for a free 30 day trial. If you are already a member, you can easily create a new price sheet and select The Lab Works.

To learn more about order fulfillment through ShootProof, visit the knowledge base for printing FAQ’s, call 866-516-5130 or email

We are excited to offer this to Canadians and look forward to doing business with you!


The Lab Works Team