Stacked Metal!!!

The Lab Works is now offering Stacked Metal prints which is an exciting twist to our standard Vibrant Gloss Metal Prints. What a great way to feature your favorite images in a little different way.

What is Stacked Metal? Stacked Metal is a single metal print floating 1/2 inch on top of a larger metal print. These 2 metal prints are then mounted on a wood block which makes it float on the wall.

You have the option of choosing between using your own image or one of the designs we offer for your background image. You can order the Stacked Metal prints using our online software Roes.

Stacked Metal Prints Price
5×7 on 8×10 $61.19
8×10 on 11×14 $91.79
11×14 on 16×20 $152.99

Stacked_Metal_web2Image by Cheryl Struss Photography

Benefits of ShootProof for online proofing

Are you looking for a online proofing solution?

Then you should consider ShootProof as they offer a great product that has many benefits. These benefit’s affect both you and your clients in Uploading, Sharing, Selling, Printing and Delivery. This gives photographers all the advantages without the need of technical or administration staff to keep track of payments and web development. This is literally the power of the software doing the work it was suppose to do to make our lives more efficient.

shootproof-homepageTheir vision is for photographers to have a platform of beautiful online galleries so you can share and sell photos with no commission fees. They are built up with a team of photographers, developers, engineers, perfectionist with great customer service. This vision helps empower photographers to increase sales while simplifying the proofing, buying and fulfillment process of the client. Here are some of highlights for you and your clients.

ShootProof has 3 different options for easy uploading of your images. Since everbody’s workflow is a little different you can choose what works best for you.  Your images can be uploaded using any web browser or by using their Desktop Uploader. Shootproof also offers a free Lightroom Plugin that can Publish and manager your images directly from within Lightroom.

The client image galleries can be viewed, favorited and purchased from a standard web browser or from a mobile device. There is control of the client galleries with colour themes, public or private galleries, password protection, expiration control and pricing. If you are wanting to protect the images you can set custom text to be used as an optional watermark. For those that link to share there is optional social sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The photographer has full control over the products offered for each gallery and with ShootProof invoicing you can easily manage session fees and client payments. ShootProof is a commission free service as you pay for the plan you select. These plans are based on the amount of images you are wanting to host. They also offer an archiving service for backing up your images. Your client will experience a simple, intuitive purchasing experience. ShootProof has secure credit card processing of major cards through ShootProof Payments, or Paypal.

Printing and Delivery
When ShootProof was looking for a Canadian full filler they chose The Lab Works as their Canadian full filler. Once your client has made the purchase, you as the photographer can approve the crop and replace the image prior to the order being submitted to the lab. These client orders can be shipped directly to the client on an order by order basis. There is no lab branding or cost information sent with the order.

Since this has only highlighted some of there great features and options for ShootProof, consider checking out there website ( for a full list of their options and services.

Let’s Grow Your Business with online sales.

New Prices!

Hello July!

What better way to celebrate all things summery than by LOWERING our PRESS PRINTED CARD prices!

Same beautiful die-cuts and classic cards, available on Linen, Pearl and Silk papers, includes envelopes and available to order on line in ROES!

Contact us for a sample pack or drop in and pick one up.


Press cards chimp

Die cut card prices2 Classic card prices2






Who are you?



What kind of photographer are you? If not a seasoned pro, but not a green student, you may have a hard time defining your place in the market.

If you are new to the game, have fun learning! Likewise, you just love taking pictures and want to see them “in the flesh” – we are happy to make your images come to life.

If you are new to the art and know that you want professional quality prints but unsure of your next step you have come to the right place.

While our history comes from the commercial, portrait and wedding industry, The Lab Works caters to all photographers. Our staff has approximately 165 years of combined experience. Needless to say, we know photography.

With everything there is to know about photography – digital photography – the last thing you want is to take what you thought are good files to a lab that gives you poor output.

When starting new with us, it is sometimes a good idea to start off with small prints that you can use as a “test”.  Often is the case, your screen looks great so you send it off to the printer and your print looks, well, not like you envisioned on your computer screen! That is exactly the problem we want you to avoid.  We are pleased to provide some tips on “easy” calibrations if things aren’t looking as you need them. That is our basic rule for everyone who chooses The Lab Works for their print services. All you need to do is ask!

We offer a range of products that we hope will make your life a little simpler. Simple mounting solutions like CollageWall Display is available to order on-line and provides you with all the tools required to make your own wall collage – no Photoshop experience required! Dressier solutions like plexi mounted plaque/float/flushmounts make stunning art of your images.

We also make a variety of albums, in house, on true photographic paper. Coil bound books are casual and perfect for displaying your last vacation or as a guest book at your special event. Peel and Stick and premium photo pressed albums are clean and elegant for more formal occasions.

Make it your mission to get prints made for yourself and your clients. This is what history is made of. Our job is to make sure you have the highest quality photographic archival print that will survive generations beyond the next iphone.

Stay reading for more exciting new products like mini-accordion books and die-cut cards on deluxe press-printer papers. We have only a few more details to hammer out – you wont be disappointed by the wait!

*A plug for all film users – yes, we still process film (b/w, C41 and E6). And we also print from both colour negative and black and white!

Happy Shooting!




CollageWall Display is here!

It goes like this:

Reality: You have a ton of great images and want to show them off in your home, cottage or office.

Problem: You are not a Photoshop expert or a graphic designer and your budget unfortunately does have a limit. How do you build a collage with your images, get them ready to hang, make it simple, AND on budget?

Solution: CollageWall Display is an all-in-one system that provides for a variety of collage designs where images are mounted to a 1/8″ inch masonite and completed with a ready-to-use hanging system. You are provided almost all the tools you need to hang your collage save for tape, a level (you could also eyeball it), and a drill if you have plaster walls. We even supply you with a drill bit.

From $33 you can start getting your images up on the wall! The collage configurations are almost endless. Order on-line with ROES and never miss an opportunity to show off your images!

Obviously, you will expect nothing but the best from The Lab Works. Everything is printed right here on the Kodak Premier Lustre paper and then mounted in-house by none-other-than Rooth.

For something different, you also have the option to have images metal printed. Once your first collage has been created, you can switch it up with new images, different sizes, add or subtract images, or mix and match metal with lustre prints!

Go here to read more or find CollageWall Display in our ROES catalog to see the many different configuration options.

Have fun!



New Arrival!

Happy Spring everyone!

Now that we have finally pushed through what felt like the longest winter ever…..

We have begun to dust off the proverbial shelves and open the proverbial windows to gain a fresh perspective on new product offerings we think you will love.

So here it is!

We are pleased to bring to Winnipeg CollageWall Display. CollageWall Display is a simple-to-use system of ordering prints that allow you to make awesome collages on your wall. You don’t have to be an artist, an engineer, or a Photoshop Wizard to make super cool collages from your favourite images! This  system comes as ready as you are for hanging your visions at home, cottage, or office! Your photographic prints are mounted to a durable, lightweight material with hanging apparatus on the back of each. A variety of templates allow you flexibility to make configurations from 12×12″ to 12×24″ . Your kit includes all the materials (almost everything but the drill) you need to design and hang your collage display!

CollageWall Display can easily be ordered off our website using ROES online ordering.

CollageWall Display can also be ordered on either Kodak Endura papers or as a Metal Print!

Wedding Show

Welcome to 2013!

What does this year have to bring for you? Planning a wedding? Planning a booth at the wedding show? Whether you are a wedding photographer or on the “client side” we can help you.

If you are a photographer come talk to us about printing and mounting for displays! We offer several light weight mounting materials such as foamcore (recommended for small prints) or Gator (ideal for larger prints). Lexan paired with an over-laminate also makes a great display and can be loosely rolled for easy storage. (Many materials are available in both black and white).

We can make beautiful albums for you to show your potential clients from Premium Pressed, Wire Bound or Peel and Press Hard Cover albums (Peel and Press stock is limited so please inquire prior to ordering).

If you are a bride or groom in need of an album from your digital files we offer album design services. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we offer a variety of cover options in the Peel and Press style. Come in to view the swatches and custom order your wedding album!

No matter who you are, no one can say no to our mini and pocket albums. They are the perfect way to show off your special day or anything else you love! Easy to order on line and always a delight to look at.

If you plan on a tight deadline, give us a call in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Lets make 2013 a year to remember!

Happy Shooting!

Press Style Calendars!

These calendars make great corporate gifts!

Call us for volume pricing. Order on-line now!

Metal Prints

Before Metal Prints “BMP”:

you: “do you print on metal?”

TLW: “well, we print on Metallic paper, and it’s beautiful”.

you: “yes, but can you print directly on metal?”

TLW: “sorry, but we can’t” (insert sad face here).

Metal Prints “MP”:

you: “do you print on metal?”

TLW: “why, yes we do!”

you: “that’s awesome! how can I order one?”

TLW: “you can order it using our on-line ordering software called ROES”.

you:  “that’s easy! How long does it take?”

TLW: “it takes seven working days.”

you: “cool! I can get them ordered and on time for the holiday season! See you soon!”.

TLW: (insert smiley face here)

That’s right, we now print on metal and it’s awesome!

PS: They are also archival when cared for like a traditional photographic print. :)


Calendar Cards!

This is the perfect time to start getting together your annual Christmas cards!

Available to order using our ROES on-line software.

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