Black and White film processing

I shot a roll of Black and White film last week. What a strange feeling – kept looking at the back of the camera. Nikon f2, Tri-X , with 50mm 1.4, 24mm 2.8 and 35mm 2.8 and no LCD! Battery was dead so I shot by feel, nice to have the latitude of film as I’m sure that I did not nail every exposure. Focus might be my worst enemy especially close up with the 50/1.4 wide open.

I’m getting my film processed and scanned today and am finding that this delayed gratification thing is kind of neat. While digital has brought the process of photography home and provided instant feedback this whole analog process is bringing back some cool feelings. Like patience!


So why am I going on about black and white film processing? Because I’m getting a contact sheet with my processing.  It was once an integral part of black and white photography – process your film, sleeve it and contact it. The term contact came from the fact that the negatives would be placed directly on top of photographic paper and exposed to light – in direct contact.  Your contact sheet told a story of your roll – a collection of images shown in the order they were shot that helped show the story you were trying to tell.  It also told you some technical things about your exposures, you could see if you nailed the focus (or not) and you would also use it as a reference to find your negatives. And you could hold it.

We’ve faithfully re-created the contact sheet digitally and you’d swear it’s the real thing. Starting today and going through May, if you get a roll of Black and White film processed and scanned we’ll also make a contact sheet – for free!


Greeting Card Sale

With the time change and the warmer jackets getting pulled out of hibernation. It got me thinking, how close are we to the holiday season. So I checked the calendar and Christmas is only 48 days away. Yikes, have you started getting ready?

Some tasks can save you time and money by getting them done early. If you hate waiting in long lineups, Christmas Cards is something that you can order right now before the Christmas rush. If you order now you can also save money and that is a great way to start your holidays. It will also help you get into that holiday feeling.

You don’t have to wait until the first snowfall to have a great family picture for your Christmas Greeting Cards. Here are some ideas for great family pictures. Having the family sit on the ground with the Colors of Fall all around the family or leaning around the sides of a tree. If you missed the leaves changing you can head to a local park or include your home in the background of your family picture. I have even heard of one individual who wants to wait so they can get their picture taken in the first snow fall ( It’s a family tradition).

So to help you get prepared for this Christmas Season, we are having a card sale. Yippie!!

You will get 20% off your Photographic and Press Printed Cards from November 9-22. To redeem this offer, enter promo code CARD20 in the cart area when placing order with The Lab Works ROES online ordering program.



FLASH Photographic Festival

Things are moving and shaking and Leif Norman is full steam ahead with the Flash Photographic Festival that will be happening October 2014.

This is the deal:

Info for Photographers

Get your photography on some walls and some eyeballs on your images.

The FLASH Photographic Festival encourages restaurants, cafes, bars, furniture stores, hotels etc… to hang some Winnipeg Photography and invite the public in to see.

Photographers of all kinds can approach venues to display their art.

The entire month of October will be photo month in Winnipeg with events, seminars parties and numerous photo venues across Winnipeg. A program will be printed and available for purchase at each Venue for $5. Posters will be put up around town and Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will be engaged to promote each venue.

There is a $150 submission fee to get involved with the festival. No artist will be refused as long as the venue is secured and the paperwork is signed by August 1 2014. The venue may wish to sponsor the photographer and pay the $150 submission fee for them; or go half and half.

Group shows are also welcomed!

To be a photographer in the festival please email

Leif Norman at

We know that putting a show together costs money, so The Lab Works wants to give you a deal. If you are a Festival Artist we will give you the following discounts!

All printing: 25% off Retail

Mounting to Foamcor, Sintra, Gator: 25% off retail

Metal Printing: 20% off retail

Floatmount products: 15% off

Acrylic Mounting: 10% off

Press Printed Cards (silk paper only): 10% off retail


The Fine Print:

You will need to prove your festival involvement before you start printing for your show. We ask that you bring in the signed copy of paper work for the venue you are showing at.

The discount will be valid from August 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014.

These are the only services and products we are offering discounts on. There will be no exceptions made.

If you are ordering with ROES online ordering, you MUST indicate in Special Instructions “Festival Print” in order to get your discount.

All of our production times vary from product to product so if you aren’t sure how long your project will take, please call us.

The Lab Works is not liable for late submissions. Please be sure to give yourself ample time for production and unforeseen delays.



The Lab Works is having a sale!


We want to make the holiday season a little easier on your wallet this year. We are taking 20% off your order of press-printed cards when you place your order between November 1 and November 15/2013.

Find beautiful die-cut and classic shapes when you order on-line with ROES. Use our pre-designed templates or use your “own design” with your own designs or templates.

Standard white envelopes come with your order but you can easily upgrade your order to include Petallic envelopes. It’s a small fee for some serious luxury.

*Use the code CARD20 for your 20% discount.*


Snap! it!

Every second Friday of the month you’ll be given a Snap! photo assignment which we are going to post on Facebook! (Which means you need to LIKE The Lab Works).

Why Snap!…because it’s easy, (a snap) fun and gets you out and shooting.

The images that arise from these Snap! assignments are meant to be seen! By you, by everyone. Why? Because it’s cool. Everyone gets to see your prowess behind the lens.

There are 7 Dos and Dont’s to follow if you want to Snap!

1. Don’t use your DSLR.  Or…  use it ?!?  (see #6)

2. Do shoot from the hip. (see #3.)

3. Don’t over-compose. Don’t think too much.  “Spur of the Moment”.

4. Do use a point and shoot camera. Digital, smartphones and film. (what’s film???)

5. Do use apps like a SlowShutter , Decim8 and Instagram on your smartphones. Experiment. Pile on the filters. The more the better.

6. Do break the rules.

7. Always have your camera ready to leap into action. Life happens…. Snap! it.

So now that you have all these cool shots, get an insta-folio album published too. (insta-folio? is that a word?)

10 to 15 – 5×5 pages with coil binding, only $9.99

16 to 20 – 5×5 pages with coil binding, only $12.99


**Order on-line using ROES and type the word Snap! in the special instructions box for your images to be bound and priced accordingly.




Once someone sees how cute your baby is, how beautiful your wedding was, your amazing summer holiday/lake/patio pictures are, EVERYONE will want a keepsake. 4×6 prints are a mere .20 cents the entire month of August! Print lots! Process those old rolls of film and get a deal on the prints too! Order on line and BOOM, stack of prints are in your hands before you know it. Give one to everyone you know! Borders, no borders, fancy borders, black and white, colour, sepia, on glossy, matte or lustre, so many ways to enjoy something so small…..and it will never accidentally delete from your phone :)

February Special!

Actual size 1 3/8" high x 1" wide

Suede mini-album It’s February!

To help you celebrate the month of love, we are offering 15% off your pocket and mini album (shown) order when you order in the month of February.

While we think Red and Pink are well-suited to the theme of love, they come in a variety of cover colours to choose from.

Simply order using ROES on line ordering (download from our website). Drop and drag your images in to the easy to use templates and we will have your sweet little valentine ready in about a week.

Free Holiday Cards!

Two weeks left has November!

Make this the year you send a holiday wish to someone unexpected! A far away family member or an old friend wishing to reconnect?

This is THE SEASON to say hello and let people out there know you are thinking of them.

The Lab Works will give you all the reasons why you should. When you purchase a minimum of 50 cards (incl. envelopes), you will get 10 free! If you buy 100 or more, we will give you 20 free! Order on line or bring your file in.

Offer ends November 30/2012.

(Early) Seasons Greetings!

Holiday Cards



Holiday Card Special

Could it be that time of year again?

Christmas is less than 52 days away and we are getting in the spirit!

Starting Monday November 5/2012, when you buy 50-99 5×7 or 4×8 greeting cards (includes envelopes), we will give you 10 free!*

If you purchase 100 or more, you will get 20 free!*

*When paying regular retail / Does not include the Tri-Fold Calendar card.

Order on-line with ROES and make your holiday season a little bit easier. Not in town and need your order shipped to you? No problem. We can ship out your order whether it’s Christmas cards, prints, or canvas mounted prints anywhere in the world. Time and costs required for shipping will depend on where it’s going and method of shipment.

You have until December 17/2012 to get your cards posted with Canada Post in order for your loved ones to receive them by the 24th. Please allow up to 5 days for production of your card order.

See you soon!


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