The Thing from Another World!

Howard Hawk’s 1952 sci-fi/horror classic, “THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD” starred Margaret Sheridan and Kenneth Tobey.  When the RKO studio had respected Hollywood photographer  Ernest Bachrach shoot some promo’s featuring the two main actors, his choice on that day was his 8×10 camera and Kodachrome 25.

Fast forward 65 years and a local internet memorabilia dealer who specializes in Hollywood photography has just dropped off his latest scanning job. Now, we’ve scanned a lot of gorgeous images for him from many era’s but this one was different. We pulled out this 8×10 Kodachrome and almost fell over -  almost like being there. Images shot on 8×10 are often special, while images shot on vintage Kodachrome often retain much of the original colour fidelity and to that end Kodachrome 25 was the best.  So, to get a 8×10 slide shot on Kodachrome 25 made by a Hollywood studio in excellent condition is rare! The colour is as brilliant as the day it came off the processor.

While we can scan a piece of film this size on our Epson V700 this image called out for a drum scan.  O.K., it screamed it. The really neat thing on this scan is all the retouching that was done right on the original 8×10 that would have been done with brush and dyes. There was a lot of retouching done directly on the slide as well as slightly slimming her face – no liquify tool  here!

Shown below is a reduced size version of the scan that we delivered to our client. This is the web so we’ve posted them in lower resolution and in sRGB but the quality still shines through! Getting to work on images like these is what makes our job so much fun!

So take a look and enjoy something that is truly – The Thing From Another World!



Click on below image to see close-up enlargement of the face.


Shooting in Winter

Pine needles cropped

Winter is a beautiful time of the year to photograph. Snow, hoarfrost, icicles, frozen waterfalls, you name it! The list doesn’t end. Everything looks nice under the blanket of snow. The only problem is the motivation to go out there and brave the cold. Here are a few tips to help:

1.    Prepare your gear. Make sure to have extra batteries with you to switch from time to time. Batteries tend to die faster in the cold. Have one in your camera and another (or two) warming up in your pocket.
2.    Dress warm but don’t overdress. You want to be able to comfortably shoot and move around, especially when snow is up to your knees.

1.    Inhale when taking a picture, exhale (away from your camera) after the shot. Otherwise you will fog your viewfinder and screen which will make it difficult to see your next shot.
2.    Use your histogram. When shooting snow, you want to overexpose your shot a little bit to make your snow appear white.

1.    Keep your gear inside your bag as you transition from outdoors to indoors. This will avoid condensation forming inside your lens and camera that could lead to shorting out electric components in your gear.

Do some research before heading out so you have an idea of what you’re getting. It also helps to see photos taken from that location to get inspiration from. There’s so much out there to shoot, but you won’t get them with your camera sitting at home. Go out and happy shooting!

Summer – Festival Season


Summer time or Festival season which ever works for you. It is a great time of year with a continual line up of festivals, events and small town fairs. Some events have already passed so I hope you were lucky enough to attend them. If not, don’t worry there are many more to come! Fringe, Folklorama, Manitoba Stampede to name a few.

If you are not into the Festival thing, then there are many other ways of soaking in some vitamin D. This could be going for a bike ride, walk, skateboarding or just going to your favorite patio for a icy cold beverage.

Getting out and about has always helped me get inspired and rejuvenate the creative juices. Which is great for the photographer in all of us.

We hope you feel the inspiration as well and get out and shoot – you never know who will cross your path or when the inspiration will hit.

Our imagination is at work!!

Let’s get out and enjoy summer…

With the great summer weather that we’ve been having, I hope everyone gets some holiday time. Whether it is a staycation, camping, canoe trip or a long distant vacation lets enjoy this time.

Do you like planning your holiday or are you a fly by the seat of the pants vacationer?

I personally have done both and they both have had there place. I have found that a little preparation can be helpful for both the planned and the picked up and go vacation. Some of these little things include having charged batteries, clean memory card, film and a tripod handy to grab and run. This cuts down on wasting valuable time or forgetting equipment.

You may want to give some thought on what equipment you will need for different types of excursions. It’s a good idea to ask yourself a couple quick questions before leaving.

How much gear do I want to take?

Say you are doing a long hike, you may not want to carry as much. So take a smaller camera or only bring one lens. Do you need a big tripod or will a mini tripod or bean bag do the job which would cut down on what you need to carry.

For the film shooter, planning a trip in a hot car?

Bringing a cooler bag for your film and since you have a cooler don’t forget to bring something to drink.

Let’s capture some great memories whether it’s at the ice cream shop or on your road trip.


Capturing that special moment….

If you could relive one of the happiest moments in your life what would it be? Graduation, Marriage, First Car, First Born, First Steps. Your first dinner in your first new home? Maybe it would be the day your parents brought home a little puppy. Don’t you wish you had a picture of that moment right now? I bet you are going to look for one after reading this.

As a kid we may not realize how important it is to capture those moments.

Then you start to evolve into your youth and you realize that images with your friends and your adventures are great to remember. There was that time when we __________, that was so much fun.

When we get to our early adulthood the world seem to get bigger with options. Some will have children and others will have a pet or maybe even both. This time of life seems to be busy and sometimes we just need to stop and capture the little moments in life.

Then we hit our most experienced part of life and we will realize that some of the same themes start over from a different point of view. You may want to show off your grand kids or the beautiful flower gardens you have experienced.

Life has a lot of first moments… each one is special and deserves a special place in your life. We are a company that is proud to specialize in bringing back the moments one by one. A picture of your first puppy is different than your first car and we know how to print those memories so that they can be a part of your life every day. These moments of our ever changing life are great to get printed.

Since different images may look better on a select surface than another, The Lab Works has a variety of different options for printing. We can print on a variety of different photographic papers, press printed cards, Metal Prints and Canvas.

Next time you or someone you know has that special moment, stop and take a few pictures and someday they will thank you.


Remembering the Good Times

It’s that time of year, when extra cleaning happens around the house…

Did you find that stack of old negatives or prints you had forgotten about? The term “remember when” starts to be used as you start recalling that childhood trip or get togethers with cousins. Wouldn’t it be nice to share those pictures and moment with your friends and family. These memories become much more vibrant with the actual image.

These snap shots of the good times are great to preserve. Some will scan there images which allows them to take them wherever they go. There are others that want that physical print or a photo book from those most memorable moments. Either way you are preserving that moment in time and sharing the good times with friends and family, so they never get forgotten.



100th Post!

100 posts and counting


We started this blog at the dawn of the new year – 2012. Not even 2 years later and we have reached the 100th post! We hope you enjoy reading and feel a little more engaged in the photographic community when you do.

Through this blog, we aim at building our community – even with those of you whom we have not yet met. By virtue of you visiting our website, we have something in common!

We think there is always something interesting to share about photography and Winnipeg and life in general! Over the last year and 9 months, we have posted community events, gallery openings, workshops, given you “assignments” and grieved the loss of people in the photographic community.

Tell us: What does photography mean to you? Why is photography important to you and how do you engage in our rich community? do you engage locally or do you inspire yourself and others in the global sense?

Do you get your images printed? Do you keep albums for your friends and family to look through? Do you look at taking pictures as “record keeping”? Imagery has the capacity to evoke so many memories and emotions. Photographs also help us remember the richness of our lives, and the events and people who make us who we are.

What ever your reasons, we support you.

We hope you continue to read this blog. If you have anything special you think we should talk about, let us know!

Who knows how this will evolve in another 100 posts…..


happy shooting!





Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


2014 seems like such a big number somehow. Clearly, bigger than 2013…there is just something that sounds so Grand about 2014. It’s like we are on the edge of modern adolescence. 21st century puberty! We know we are on a path; a zealous mission to find life….. and even though it may seem daunting we know it’s going to be great. The future is bright and we welcome it with open arms and endless possibility!

We have come a long way, photographically speaking and it can only be surmised how much further we have to go. What will come next? Over our break, I acquired a modern piece of technology – that being the iphone! The camera is amazing. Period. And Face Time? Wasn’t that a thing of the distant future barely 30 years ago  -  when we envisioned ourselves driving space cars and talking on phones where we could see the person on the other side? Now on our mobile devices! Maybe I’m dating myself here, at the very least admitting I am not a techno junkie.

Again, I digress.

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Do you promise to (blank) less or (blank) more? If you do, do you stick to them? Or do you just tell yourself your personal evolution is so constantly changing that a January 1 declaration is essentially meaningless? Maybe your resolutions are non-stop all year round and the path to being a better (or worse) person is always on the menu. Good on you either way.

My rational mind tells me it doesn’t matter anyways since we are  always in a constant state of change. That in itself, is meritorious. :)

However your ideas, wishes, dreams and realities unfold for the coming year, we wish you all the best. May our cultural pubescence be full of experience and wonder, excitement and adventure (whether at home or abroad).

May your eyes be wide open, your finger on the shutter at all times!

Go well photographers, go well!