Colour management

ICC profiles

It is important that each file has a valid ICC profile embedded. Without this profile, we do not know what colour space your files are in.

Most clients use either sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998) as a working colour space. Follow these directions to properly set up your Photoshop Colour Settings.

Color profiles in Photoshop

  • Mac OS X users go to Edit in the Menu Bar – Colour Settings Windows – go to Edit in the Menu Bar – Colour Settings

  • Select a Working Space for RGB Files. You should select either sRGB IEC661966-2.1 or Adobe RGB (1998). If unsure, select sRGB IEC661966-2.1.

  • Select “Convert to Working RGB” next to RGB under Colour Management Policies.

  • Check Ask When Opening and Ask When Pasting next to Profile Mismatches. Whenever you open a file saved and tagged in a colour space other than your working space, Photoshop will prompt you to convert to the working colour space. If you would rather have Photoshop do this automatically for every file, you can un-check these boxes.

  • Un-check Ask When Opening next to Missing Profiles Photoshop will assume every file not tagged with a colour space is in your working space.

  • When you save your Jpegs out of Photoshop, make sure to check the “Embed Colour Profile: checkbox in the Save dialogue box. Without this checked, we will not know the colour space of your files and you will have unpredictable colour in your prints.


With a colour managed workflow you have the ability of matching your monitor to the output of a printer. To do so, all devices must be calibrated including your monitor and our printers.

Calibrating your monitor will ensure that your computer displays the values in your files correctly, just as the calibration of our printers ensure that the values in your file are printed correctly.

We have custom ICC output profiles that that were specifically built for our printers available for download. While you can use these profiles to soft-proof your images prior to sending your print order, it is a step that is often not necessary. It is only in cases where you have really saturated colour in an image that soft proofing would be necessary.

the keys to a colour managed workflow are:

  • A calibrated Monitor.

  • A calibrated Printer.

  • Files in appropriate colour space such as sRGB or Adobe 1998.

  • Viewing prints under D5000 lighting.

We accept jpg or tif files, 8 bit, in RGB. Tif files should contain no layers and not use LZW compression.