What’s on your walls…

A number of years ago I had been traveling all day and it was 10.30 at night. I was in the basement of the old Winnipeg airport and I was waiting. Waiting for what I don’t remember, but waiting none-the-less. As I looked around the room there were large Black and White architectural prints on the wall of downtown Winnipeg. I was intrigued and began to explore the walls as I got lost in the images.


These were the messages that the images conveyed on the walls of this large room. I was in the basement of the Airport in the City of Winnipeg in the middle of winter, but at the same time I was not. I was exploring the city, my mind wondered where these images were taken. These were some of the ideas going through my head.  The arrivals area at any airport can; with images, set the tone for your reaction to a new city. It highlights the good, the exciting and the beautiful about the place you are about to explore.

Airports deal with arrivals and departures all the time and use images to set the tone of your experience. As people come and go from your office or business, what tone are you setting by what is on your walls.