CollageWall Display is here!

It goes like this:

Reality: You have a ton of great images and want to show them off in your home, cottage or office.

Problem: You are not a Photoshop expert or a graphic designer and your budget unfortunately does have a limit. How do you build a collage with your images, get them ready to hang, make it simple, AND on budget?

Solution: CollageWall Display is an all-in-one system that provides for a variety of collage designs where images are mounted to a 1/8″ inch masonite and completed with a ready-to-use hanging system. You are provided almost all the tools you need to hang your collage save for tape, a level (you could also eyeball it), and a drill if you have plaster walls. We even supply you with a drill bit.

From $33 you can start getting your images up on the wall! The collage configurations are almost endless. Order on-line with ROES and never miss an opportunity to show off your images!

Obviously, you will expect nothing but the best from The Lab Works. Everything is printed right here on the Kodak Premier Lustre paper and then mounted in-house by none-other-than Rooth.

For something different, you also have the option to have images metal printed. Once your first collage has been created, you can switch it up with new images, different sizes, add or subtract images, or mix and match metal with lustre prints!

Go here to read more or find CollageWall Display in our ROES catalog to see the many different configuration options.

Have fun!