Let’s get out and enjoy summer…

With the great summer weather that we’ve been having, I hope everyone gets some holiday time. Whether it is a staycation, camping, canoe trip or a long distant vacation lets enjoy this time.

Do you like planning your holiday or are you a fly by the seat of the pants vacationer?

I personally have done both and they both have had there place. I have found that a little preparation can be helpful for both the planned and the picked up and go vacation. Some of these little things include having charged batteries, clean memory card, film and a tripod handy to grab and run. This cuts down on wasting valuable time or forgetting equipment.

You may want to give some thought on what equipment you will need for different types of excursions. It’s a good idea to ask yourself a couple quick questions before leaving.

How much gear do I want to take?

Say you are doing a long hike, you may not want to carry as much. So take a smaller camera or only bring one lens. Do you need a big tripod or will a mini tripod or bean bag do the job which would cut down on what you need to carry.

For the film shooter, planning a trip in a hot car?

Bringing a cooler bag for your film and since you have a cooler don’t forget to bring something to drink.

Let’s capture some great memories whether it’s at the ice cream shop or on your road trip.