ICC Printer Profile download

Printer Paper Profiles (click to download)

The Printer Paper Profiles are to aid in soft proofing for our digital printer output, please email us at upfront@thelabworks.com. We can give you information on how to use it.

Soft Proofing

Soft proofing is a method of using our printers icc profile on your home computer to simulate what the final print colour will look like. This can be particularly useful when printing files with very saturated colours. You do not need to convert your file into our printer profile prior to sending to us, the image should be submitted in your normal colour space. The actual conversion to the output profile happens on the fly in lab during printing.

Profile Installation

First download the file from Printer Paper Profiles and then unzip the file to see the printer profiles.

ICC Printer Profile download

On a PC computer

Right  click on the appropriate printer profile and select Install Profile

On a Mac computer

The profile will need to be place in a select folder to be active. This folder is located using the following path “Macintosh HD(Name of hardrive/Library/ColorSync/Profiles”.

*Once the profile is installed restart Photoshop or Lightroom to make sure the program see the profile.

How to use soft proofing with Photoshop and Lightroom


  • Open the image that you want to soft proof

  • From the Top menu bar go to View then Proof Setup and Custom

  • Select “Convert to Working RGB” next to RGB under Colour Management Policies.

  • Settings: Device to Simulate: (Pick the Printer Profile to use)

Do not check: Preserve RGB Numbers

Rendering Intent: Perceptual

Check: Black Point Compensation

Do Not Check: Simulate Paper Color or Simulate Black Ink

  • Once you have clicked OK you are soft proofing with the Printer Profile.

  • It is possible to toggle the soft proofing on and off with a shortcut. Mac: (Command + Y) or PC: (Ctrl + Y)•By looking at the file name above the image you can tell if soft proofing is on or off. When sofproofing is off you will see (RGB/8) in the name and when it is on you will see (RGB/8/Profile Name)

Lightroom (Lightroom version 4 and up)

  • The soft proofing feature is found when in the Develop module.

  • When in the Develop module there is a toggle under the working image to turn on and off Soft Proofing.

  • Soft Proofing setting are located in the upper left panel

  • Settings:  Profile (Pick printer profile)

Intent: Perceptual

Do Not Check: Simulate Paper & Ink

  • The upper main working window will show Proof Preview when soft proofing is selected

Important notes:

There are many instances where soft proofing a file will show little if any change with soft proofing on or off. That is normal as not all files contain colours that our said to be “out of gamut”.

Your monitor must be calibrated with hardware device such as a Spyder.