Snap! it!

Every second Friday of the month you’ll be given a Snap! photo assignment which we are going to post on Facebook! (Which means you need to LIKE The Lab Works).

Why Snap!…because it’s easy, (a snap) fun and gets you out and shooting.

The images that arise from these Snap! assignments are meant to be seen! By you, by everyone. Why? Because it’s cool. Everyone gets to see your prowess behind the lens.

There are 7 Dos and Dont’s to follow if you want to Snap!

1. Don’t use your DSLR.  Or…  use it ?!?  (see #6)

2. Do shoot from the hip. (see #3.)

3. Don’t over-compose. Don’t think too much.  “Spur of the Moment”.

4. Do use a point and shoot camera. Digital, smartphones and film. (what’s film???)

5. Do use apps like a SlowShutter , Decim8 and Instagram on your smartphones. Experiment. Pile on the filters. The more the better.

6. Do break the rules.

7. Always have your camera ready to leap into action. Life happens…. Snap! it.

So now that you have all these cool shots, get an insta-folio album published too. (insta-folio? is that a word?)

10 to 15 – 5×5 pages with coil binding, only $9.99

16 to 20 – 5×5 pages with coil binding, only $12.99


**Order on-line using ROES and type the word Snap! in the special instructions box for your images to be bound and priced accordingly.