filmsmallFilm’s not dead!


At least not at The Lab Works! As some of you might have already read from an earlier post, Kodak has discontinued manufacturing E6 Chemistry (used to process slide film). It left us in the lurch and with some uncertainty. However, it appears like we are in the clear for a while still and will keep processing your slides and transparency until at least December.

So keep on shooting and keep sending us your film. Our weekly processing schedule is:

Tuesday: C41 (colour negative)

Thursday: C41 and E6 (slides/transparency)

Black and white film is processed on-going and usually takes 2-3 days for completion.

We process 135mm, 120mm, 4×5 and even 110 (for those revivalists shooting Lomo)

If you have any questions please contact us!

204-943-9430 //  upfront@thelabworks.com