FLASH Photographic Festival

Things are moving and shaking and Leif Norman is full steam ahead with the Flash Photographic Festival that will be happening October 2014.

This is the deal:

Info for Photographers

Get your photography on some walls and some eyeballs on your images.

The FLASH Photographic Festival encourages restaurants, cafes, bars, furniture stores, hotels etc… to hang some Winnipeg Photography and invite the public in to see.

Photographers of all kinds can approach venues to display their art.

The entire month of October will be photo month in Winnipeg with events, seminars parties and numerous photo venues across Winnipeg. A program will be printed and available for purchase at each Venue for $5. Posters will be put up around town and Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will be engaged to promote each venue.

There is a $150 submission fee to get involved with the festival. No artist will be refused as long as the venue is secured and the paperwork is signed by August 1 2014. The venue may wish to sponsor the photographer and pay the $150 submission fee for them; or go half and half.

Group shows are also welcomed!

To be a photographer in the festival please email

Leif Norman at


We know that putting a show together costs money, so The Lab Works wants to give you a deal. If you are a Festival Artist we will give you the following discounts!

All printing: 25% off Retail

Mounting to Foamcor, Sintra, Gator: 25% off retail

Metal Printing: 20% off retail

Floatmount products: 15% off

Acrylic Mounting: 10% off

Press Printed Cards (silk paper only): 10% off retail


The Fine Print:

You will need to prove your festival involvement before you start printing for your show. We ask that you bring in the signed copy of paper work for the venue you are showing at.

The discount will be valid from August 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014.

These are the only services and products we are offering discounts on. There will be no exceptions made.

If you are ordering with ROES online ordering, you MUST indicate in Special Instructions “Festival Print” in order to get your discount.

All of our production times vary from product to product so if you aren’t sure how long your project will take, please call us.

The Lab Works is not liable for late submissions. Please be sure to give yourself ample time for production and unforeseen delays.