Olden and Golden

Remembering the Days of Film


They weren’t all that long ago but boy, it sure feels like an eternity has passed since the pro’s and serious amateurs had only 3 options: Black and White, Colour Print or Transparency. Really, its been less than a decade since digital imaging gave film the what-for! I’d say fewer than 7 years since the revolution really begun to rock our world and we started to see a serious decline in E6 and C41 film processing.

We embraced this new dawn even with its intense learning curves around every different file and lighting condition. Eventually film was just plain old and digital was the new and we haven’t looked back – much. Over the years Kodak and other manufacturers have been pulling the plug on photographic papers and films. The latest news to hit the industry is Kodak announcing it’s discontinuation of E6 Chemistry. The writing was on the wall. If they stopped making E6 film then why wouldn’t they discontinue the chemistry in which to process it? I know a lot of you will feel loss and maybe even some regret at this news. Maybe you feel like you have betrayed the faithful old medium. If only you hadn’t stopped using it, then it would still be around….

But I say (and who am I anyways?) lets have a moment to be sad. Lets even pull out the old film camera’s, the old film still frozen in our freezers and have a last go at it! 35mm ,120, 4×5, 8×10! Get out your rangefinders, your twin lens reflexes, your tried and very true Hassleblad. Rekindle the the romance and have some fun. Film ain’t dead yet and dare I say, in it’s last gasp there might even be a revival!

The Lab Works will continue it’s E6 line for as long as we can. We will keep you all informed as to the going’s on as it goes. PLEASE call us if you have any questions or need clarification. If you want to get on our email list, please drop us a line to let us know at upfront@thelabworks.com