We Love Fall

We know it doesn’t last foreverfallphoto1

but sometimes it’s fun to pretend that summer will never end and we will be on a perpetual holiday of sorts ::

Time relentlessly passes and we are back into the fray. On the bright side, fall begins fun things like wrapping up summer weddings, planning for fall photo shoots, lots of gallery events, and this year the big one – The Flash Photo Fest that is happening the entire month of October!

Join the city in this soon-to-be-iconic event. Exhibits are taking place all around Winnipeg but there is an App so you can easily map out your destinations on your mobile. There are photography related events all month long including a studio tour with notorious Winnipeg artist Diana Thornycroft, lighting seminars and various other demonstrations with our city’s finest.

Save the date for the opening night reception at the WAG on October 1.2014.

In short, sometimes the end of summer brings good things!

You just can’t say nothing ever happens in Winnipeg! Have fun exploring the city and the art and artists within it.

Don’t forget to take your camera with you everywhere you go. Shoot a lot - what ever inspires you – and PLAN to take part in next years Flash Photo Fest event!

**The Lab Works is the official print sponsor of the festival, so if you are a participating artist, please see our link on how to save money on printing your show!