Tips for the consumer

In today’s world of digital imaging we have discovered that photographers are split into two camps. There are those of you who like it the old way. You brought us your negatives for processing and allowed The Lab Works to make beautiful prints for you. A premium print. We can optimize your digital files as well. Simply submit the files you would like printed and let us do the work. All file adjustments including sizing, cropping, sharpening, colour and saturation will be done.

For those of you who prefer to do your own file management, here are a few simple guidelines for setting up your files for printing by The Lab Works at retail pricing.

To supply print ready files, it is important that each file has a valid ICC profile embedded. Without this profile we do not know what colourspace your files are in. Most photographers use either sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998) as a working colour space. Provide us with colour managed files, changed to 8 bit, cropped and sized to the print size you desire, saved as a RGB jpeg or tiff with no layers or channels or LZW compression. The name of the file should be fairly short and should not have any odd characters. Files that are print ready means no intervention by us and less cost for you.

We encourage you to test with us. You can then be confident that your files printed at The Lab Works will be as you see them on your computer screen. There will be no charge to you for this test print and we will help you make any adjustments to ensure all the right file qualities for your future orders.