Just a little something new…

Every now and then something wonderful comes our way….


This time around, we are building on our much loved Acrylic pieces!

We are still feverishly working at getting all the prices and images up on our website, but you can start ordering now! Call us or come in for prices on the products.

Featured below are two of three new stunners. An amazing 1″ Acrylic block that is meant to sit up on its very own. For this reason, its largest  size is 8×12″. These new pieces have polished edges for a super sleek, modern look.


The second little lovely is an Acrylic mini-block. The Acrylic is 1/4″ thick with polished edges and comes with a stand for sitting up nice on a desk! What a wonderful way to show off your family or vacation on your office desk! Again, the maximum size is 8×12″.

acrylic with stand

We are also offering a 1/8″ acrylic mounted to a thin backer so it can be easily framed without glass. An amazing compromise between classic and modern! (product not shown).

Since you are all keeping us nice and busy with weddings and projects, please keep checking our website for information. See below for sizes and prices we are currently offering.

And please call us with questions or heck, come in to the shop to see these live! We are here at 464 Hargrave St. Monday to Friday from 8-5.


See you soon!

Size           Acrylic Block 1″    Acrylic-Mini Block 1/4″


5×7              $50.95                          $39.15

8×8              $67.99                          $51.75

8×10            $80.74                          $61.20

8×12             $93.49                         $70.65