Steps for using ROES Online Ordering

Download Online Software (button at bottom of The Lab Works home page). In a few moments a notice will pop up requesting unrestricted access. Please select Allow.

We recommend you create a separate folder on your computer with just the images you want to use for your order.

Start your order from the Create Order tab at top of page or use the product shortcuts from the Home page.

1 Select a Product.
To start, select a product from the sizes window. Our products are split into catalogs with sub-categories ie: Photo Prints, Metallic Prints, Canvas Prints, Mini and Pocket Albums etc. The drop down menu for the catalogs is located at the bottom left hand side of your screen. Once a product is selected…

2 Choose Your Images
Click on Add images from bottom right side. Your images must be in a folder and in jpeg format with standard compression. Select your folder of images from which you wish to order.
*IMPORTANT* Your file names should be alphanumeric with no special characters. ( ‘ @ * |” etc.)

3 Crop Your Images
Drag your image or images in to the selected product (middle of screen). You can crop, zoom or rotate your image as you desire by clicking on the image and a drop down menu will appear. There are more advance editing tools that run along the side of the main window.

4 Select Options
You will see these at the bottom left side of your screen. Select from the options as required after choosing your image. Once you are done, you will + Add to Cart.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 if you have more prints to be ordered.

*IMPORTANT* If you want to order from multiple catalogs, ie: photo prints and also mini books, you must make a separate order from each catalog.

Once your selections have been done review your order in the Shopping Cart. You will see thumbnails of the images/products you have selected. If you need to make corrections to the order, delete or edit items from this screen. This is where you choose paper surface and give any special instruction. You also have the option of saving your order by clicking on save for later located at the bottom right. It would be saved in the Uploads section under Saved Carts. To start completing order click on the check out button at the bottom.

5 Complete Order
When you are satisfied with your order and advanced to the check out, you will be prompted to indicate how you would like to receive your order (ie: by mail or pick up at The Lab Works). Confirm payment type and how you are sending the order to us. The sending options are via internet, save the order for sending later via the internet, or save it to disk (if you don’t want to send it via the internet). By “saving to disk”, Roes zips and saves your order exactly as you have entered it. You can then copy to media that you bring directly to us at The Lab Works for printing.

The My Account information will need to be filled out. Please include your first and last name in the name fields. “Your Name/Business Name” is a required field. If you do not have a business name enter your full name in this field.

*IMPORTANT* Your name and business name should be alphanumeric with no special characters.
( ‘ @ * |” etc.)

*IMPORTANT* Do not shut down the Roes online software or internet connection during the transferring of the order. CHECK YOUR UPLOADS. It will show you the file transfer and provide the amount of time remaining to transfer your file(s) to The Lab Works.

When The Lab Works downloads your order, you will receive an email confirmation at the email address provided in My Information. You will be required to make a minimum purchase of $4.50.
Please note: Once your order has been sent, under most circumstances it can not be cancelled.

*IMPORTANT* Only orders saved by using the save for later from the Shopping Cart will be on your computer. Other previous orders will not be saved on your computer. The Lab Works saves your orders for only a few days.

If you have any questions about your order or using ROES, please email using our contact page or call
1-204-943-9430 or toll free in Canada 1-800-465-8998.