100th Post!

100 posts and counting


We started this blog at the dawn of the new year – 2012. Not even 2 years later and we have reached the 100th post! We hope you enjoy reading and feel a little more engaged in the photographic community when you do.

Through this blog, we aim at building our community – even with those of you whom we have not yet met. By virtue of you visiting our website, we have something in common!

We think there is always something interesting to share about photography and Winnipeg and life in general! Over the last year and 9 months, we have posted community events, gallery openings, workshops, given you “assignments” and grieved the loss of people in the photographic community.

Tell us: What does photography mean to you? Why is photography important to you and how do you engage in our rich community? do you engage locally or do you inspire yourself and others in the global sense?

Do you get your images printed? Do you keep albums for your friends and family to look through? Do you look at taking pictures as “record keeping”? Imagery has the capacity to evoke so many memories and emotions. Photographs also help us remember the richness of our lives, and the events and people who make us who we are.

What ever your reasons, we support you.

We hope you continue to read this blog. If you have anything special you think we should talk about, let us know!

Who knows how this will evolve in another 100 posts…..


happy shooting!