Scanning services

We can scan pretty much anything you throw at us... from negatives or slides to old photographs and artwork. From the simple scanning job for viewing on your computer to colour managed reproduction files of your originals or artwork we have the experience to deliver what you need. No job is too large or too small and we can walk you through the steps to complete your project.

High Resolution 11000 dpi Drum Scans

Drum Scans are for when you need the highest resolution and absolute best quality.

We provide Drum Scans for transparencies up to 8×10 on our Scanmate 11000 dpi drum scanner. This high resolution scanner can maintain detail in both shadow and highlight areas. Scans are contrast, colour and density corrected, as well as cleaned. The scan is saved in any format supported by PhotoShop and delivered on cd.

High Resolution 11000 dpi Drum Scans

Drum scan pricing

Format / quantity
6 – 15 MB
$ 20.00
16 – 25 MB
$ 30.00
26 – 55 MB
$ 40.00
56 – 100 MB
$ 50.00
101 – 150 MB
$ 85.00
151 – 200 MB
$ 99.00

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