The Lab Works is now offering Stacked Metal prints which is an exciting twist to our standard Vibrant Gloss Metal Prints. What a great way to feature your favorite images in a little different way.

What is Stacked Metal? Stacked Metal is a single metal print floating 1/2 inch on top of a larger metal print. These 2 metal prints are then mounted on a wood block which makes it float on the wall.

You have the option of choosing between using your own image or one of the designs we offer for your background image. You can order the Stacked Metal prints using our roes online ordering software.

Stacked Metal Prints Price
5×7 Metal Print Stacked on 8×10 Metal Print $61.19
8×10 Metal Print Stacked on 11×14 Metal Print $91.79
11×14 Metal Print Stacked on 16×20 Metal Print $152.99
Stacked_Metal_web2Image by Cheryl Struss Photography