In my efforts to keep this blog not just about The Lab Works but about the Winnipeg photo community around us, it is only fitting that I include a little something about our friendly neighbors, Prairie View School of Photography.

Many of you already know how fortunate we are to have Prairie View right here in our own back yard. They offer a great range of classes from learning the fundamentals, creative courses, classes for teens and  even smart phone classes! In addition to these individual courses, they offer a full time, 10 month diploma program of intensive training where students learn everything from film and printing from negatives, digital techniques, the history of photo imaging and creative processes to industry how-to on the business side.

Prairie View draws a national and international crowd; this year alone boasting one student from Indonesia and another from Hong Kong!

Until Tuesday June 12, Pixels 2.1 Gallery is hosting a show from students in the full time program.

The images posted below are from the students in the diploma program. Please get out and support the local scene and be inspired to get out and take some shots of your own!

Thank you PV for becoming a Winnipeg Institution!