Black and White Film Challenge


Photography by Tristan Fast

What do you have in store for July? Long summer days and nights means swims in the lake, cool drinks on the patio, and shooting film!

We know you probably look at your film camera and feel just a little sad for it each time you choose you DSLR. The remedy: pick up your awesome old gear and get shooting! Recall the satisfying feel of the shutter click and whirl, the manual wind of the film spool, and then the slightly-anxiety-inducing-but-mostly-excited-sensation of waiting to see what exactly you shot…..

The Lab Works wants to help facilitate your new romance with old technology.  During the entire month of July, 2012, when you order a set of black and white proofs at the time of black and white processing, The Lab Works will take 20% off the order!

To make the deal even sweeter, when you pick up your print order you will be invited to share one favorite image from each roll processed and printed with The Lab Works where it will be posted to this blog site. You will also be entered in to a draw that will get you 5 rolls of black and white film courtesy of Prairie View School of Photography OR 1 – 8×10 hand made black and white print of the image you selected to be shown on The Lab Works blog!


For complete terms and conditions, please read on.

If you choose to allow The Lab Works to scan and post your print to our blog site, these are some things you need to know.

1. This is not a contest. Images are not being judged and there is no prize to be awarded. Participants are however, entered in to a draw. There will be two names randomly selected in the draw. Prairie View School of Photography and The Lab Works, will provide one individual whose name is drawn first, their choice of one pro-pack of black and white 120 roll film OR 5 rolls of black and white 135-36 film. The second individual whose name is selected will get one (1) 8×10 traditional black and white print of the image chosen for posting on the blog – made lovingly by The Lab Works.

*The draw will be held on Friday August 3rd, 2012 and the individuals whose name are drawn will be contacted by phone or email by Tuesday, August 7th, 2012. If the selected individuals do not confirm contact to arrange collection of the film or print within one week of contact, two other names will be drawn and the same process will be undertaken.

2. Only images processed and printed in the July, 2012 sale promotion are eligible to be chosen for submission for The Lab Works blog site. Participants are invited to submit one image per roll processed and printed.  The Lab Works retains the rights to limit the number of images selected and posted per participant.

3. The image submitted will appear in a gallery on The Lab Works blog within one month of original submission.

4. The photographer retains 100% of the copyright of the image chosen for posting to The Lab Works blog. The Lab Works will credit the image with the photographers’ name. The image will not be used for any other promotional or advertising of The Lab Works or it’s affiliates beyond the dedicated blog post.

5. The Lab Works has the sole discretion to remove any images from the blog site as deemed appropriate or necessary.

6. Images will not be accepted for posting if they are determined to be offensive, obscene, provocative or otherwise inappropriate in nature. The Lab Works reserves the right to refuse any photograph they define as unacceptable.

7. The photographer certifies that the images submitted as their original work and they have never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted that the photographer is the sole copyright owner.

8. The photographer must ensure that they have the written permission of any recognizable model or person in the images to grant The Lab Works the right to publish their images on The Lab Works blog site and they will produce the written permission upon request.


If you agree to these Terms and Conditions and would like to share your image with The Lab Works blog site you will be required to sign this form in writing upon release of your image.

We want this to be a fun way to celebrate you, the photographer, who makes our lab so great. We also want to celebrate the time-honored tradition of black and white film, which marks the beginning of photography, as we know it today. We hope you will participate in making an awesome gallery for you, your friends and family, and the community at large to enjoy!

So, unearth your film camera, get some film and start shooting!