Get Ahead!


Well, we all know that the holiday season is right around the corner. It somehow never fails to show up – Christmas -  the same time every year. And darn it, how many of us are left scrambling the week or two before the BIG DAY trying to get the ideal gift for the person and people we love?!

So this year we would like to suggest that you beat your own timely records and start early. Hunting for negatives or photographs to be reproduced is a tiresome, strenuous, even to some a nearly impossible task. Some of us are forced down a memory lane we just didn’t want to visit  just to find “that one” image in the pile. Others have boxes of prints and negatives with goodness knows what else (cat toys, sewing needles, cookie crumbs) just waiting to be sorted since 1982.

Ok, now that I’ve painted the ugliest picture of a task you know totally want to avoid…..but know will be soooooo worth it if you just get over this hump…

Here is what we  suggest.  If you are going to find that picture of you and your brother/sister playing in the snow when you were cute little buttons, the gift you know will make them melt at the memory and give you hours of memories to reminisce you better get started NOW. (And yes, we will be posting our production cut off dates shortly).

1. Before you start, decide who you are doing this for first. If you happen to come across something wonderful for another loved one then awesome! Keep your eyes on the prize. It will eliminate distractions and ease the process.

2.Decide upon an image size and whether or not you would like to have it framed. If custom framing, your going to need to get moving soon as frame shops also get very busy this time of year. If you are after the DIY frame, get the frame after the print has been made. Often old negatives/prints don’t fit the “standard” size constraints. You may have to consider a custom matte to go with your off the shelf frame. Again, you’re going to need extra time for this.

3. Don’t assume you can do this all in one day or one afternoon. Mostly don’t try to simultaneously re-organize your entire closet or basement in the spirit of “while I’m at it”. This will only overwhelm you. Likewise, don’t also think about organizing the last 20-50 years of images now. Wait until January or never. Focus, focus, focus.

4. Think about your budget. We have a range of service from “economy” to “custom”.

5. Once your ready to go, set aside time. Get plenty of rest the day before. On “the” morning make a lovely pot of herbal tea (coffee will amp you up too much and then the closet really will get re-organized and nary a photograph to be found). Play some relaxing music and put the cat outside (they will try to sit on everything you pull out). We suggest only 2 hours. This way, you won’t be burnt out and there will be nothing negatively impacting your experience. If you need more time, take a break. Go for a brisk walk then only get back in for another 1/2 an hour. Anymore than this and you will end up frustrated and confused. And what ever you do, don’t feel like if you don’t find “the perfect” image that it just won’t do.

We have seen hundreds of images and we know that when there is thought and care involved, the person receiving your gift will LOVE it. They will not even know about”the” image you had in your mind. Let go ideas of perfection. Make this a happy gift and a  positive experience. Do not be thwarted by invites out for lunch just yet. The longer you delay the search, the greater you will fear the process. Celebrate your search with a coffee and a cookie and march on down to see us (Monday – Friday, 8-5) and tell us what you need. Give us at least 5 working days to complete the task.

And hopefully, you already are super organized and have everything colour coded according to year and event on a perfectly dusted shelf so all you need to do it select it out, open it to exactly the page you also have colour coded with sticky flags. Either way, we do suggest you get on this task soon, because as those of you who celebrate Christmas and gift giving, it really does happen at the same time every year!