Last Words..

So the time draws closer to our time off, our break, our rest, reprieve, respite and all the rest! Our elves are busy maintaining the equipment and making sure everything is spotless for our return in January. We are wrapping up the last few pick – up’s for our day and will soon be off in to the blustery weather ourselves to get last minute shopping, gift wrapping and general Christmasy errand running done before the dinners and festivities begin.

As we have also just passed our winter solstice we hope among the bows and gift wrap, you take time to pause and notice the very eventual lengthening of the daylight. We have just passed the official start of winter (December 21st) which paradoxically marks the return of the light. So maybe then, winter isn’t so bad after all. The cold wind can be harsh, but mother nature softens the blow by allowing us longer days; more sun rays to warm our skin and brighten our days and spirits.

But I digress.

What ever your plans over the next few days we wish you all the best! Enjoy a walk, breath the air and feel the turning of the earth! (and obviously take loads of pictures!!)

Merry Merry!

The Lab Works.

see you in 2014!!