Why The Lab Works?

What sets The Lab Works apart from other labs?

Some say a lab is just a lab, a print is just a print. But we say no. An unequivocal, absolutely not, categorical no.

Allow me to explain.


1. Speed. When you order on-line with ROES, your order will be ready before you are. We print on (Kodak Premium Endura) lustre every morning. When you send your files to us the night before or before 9am that morning, your prints (no matter how big or small) will be done before the close of our business day and usually before soup is on the table for lunch.

2. Consistency. We calibrate every roll of paper that goes in our Chromira Pro-Lab. With few exceptions, you can expect if you or your client orders an 8×10 one week and a 16×20 the next (from the same shoot), they will match. Flawlessly. We are as consistent as you are. That’s a fact.

3. Quality. Kind of a no-brainer. The Lab Works has been producing the highest quality prints from negative or digital file since 1988.If you want it done right, you come to The Lab Works. No fuss, no muss, no monkey business.

4. Individualized service. Say? You don’t see what you need on our price list? No problem. Tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen (within reason). Like yogi masters, part of our strength is in our flexibility so we will bend however possible to help meet your needs. Custom prices and customized products (if you can think it, I bet we can make it) are our specialty. We enjoy a challenge and will prove it!

We are professionals in our industry with more than 165 years of combined experience.

Take a look at our website, download our on-line ordering software and join the fun. And remember SQIC. (Speed, Quality, Individualized Service, Consistency).

We clearly take acronyms very seriously.

And most important, we always have really good candies at the front desk! That’s a fact!!